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Memory card and Aventura
It is very important for the new Aventura to use a suitable memory card! These should correspond to a special specification otherwise they will not be read by the device! Attached is a photo of a 64Gb SD card from another brand that has been successfully tested.


Some files and folders have been renamed, which even leads to the uselessness of the mosaic map on a compatible SD card, see picture-1 above and how it should look right see picture-2. Furthermore, all maps are stored in a folder Maps, this is not necessary, these can be transferred directly to the SD card.

Picture-1: File structure that does not work Picture-2: Functioning file structure which one should choose

achtungCurrent OS version
If someone has not noticed or who is interested, here I post the build number of the current OS version. Current version is v5.2.6
Current version LAND v9.2.4

Protection for the USB socket
Since often in the forum, the question of a suitable protection for the USB port came, I have here once the Amazon article which I have posted: Dust protection plug for micro-USB port

Geocaching with the Aventura
Some were surprised about the missing menu items in the "Geocaching profile". Here I once described how the geocaching geocaching works with the pocket queries: geocaching or pocket queries

Screen protector
Now there will be also a German manufacturer who will offer a foil for the new Aventura! I have listed two providers here once: from Germany
These are the BROTECT® AirGlass® Premium laminated glass film clear for TwoNav Aventura (2018). It is: Extra Hard, Ultralight, Highly transparent, Anti-Fingerprint and offers a bubble-free installation.

I once posted the LINK to the respective shop page here. The delivery within Germany and also Austria is free! from Spain
This Spanish manufacturer even offers a full screen display and according to the manufacturer's website, "The best screen protector for your GPS, Invisible Shield, available for Velo, Horizon, Aventura/Trail, Anima and Anima +, Twonav Ultra"

Here the original page of the manufacturer: (The shipping costs for Germany are according to the manufacturer 9,- €)

For more information about the providers, please click on the links to open the information!
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