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achtungUpdated OS version for the Aventura and LAND 9
In case someone hasn't noticed or who cares, the Velo, Horizon, Trail / Trail2, Aventura / Aventura2 and Cross models have recently received an update again. The build number of the current OS version is: v5.5.1 (not all devices)
Here are the innovations listed: LINK - Aventura and LINK - LAND 9
If you want the latest land version for creating MPVF maps, you can find it HERE.

New route blockage!

The closure times at Kesselberg have been changed: 82431, 01.04.-31.10. 15:00-22:00 - Urfeld
PLEASE NOTE: The location of the *.bmp and *.bwpt file has changed! Both come in the RADAR folder but only from TwoNav v.4.x.x!
Thanks again to Christian for the changes.

8.11.2022 is switched off!

At the end of the month, the .com website will be switched off due to relatively low user access from abroad. But that does not mean that the English translation is no longer visible. You can reach them via the small "flag" in the upper area!.

Update of complete OSM map packages to 2022 Q2!

Ray updated all and new of the maps to 22Q2 with MTB and hiking OSM maps. You can now find them on the Ray Site - thanks to Ray.

Protective film for the Aventura

Now there is a German provider, which offers a complete screen protector for the Aventura. More in the section "The Aventura"

Still a ghostwriter is wanted
Since I myself do not work much in CGPSL, I am looking for someone who would like to write me texts for the knowledge encyclopedia land. Contact or questions at the Form here.


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