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achtungUpdated OS version for the Aventura and LAND 9
In case someone hasn't noticed or who cares, the Velo, Horizon, Trail / Trail2, Aventura / Aventura2 and Cross models have recently received an update again. The build number of the current OS version is: v5.8 (not all devices)
Here are the innovations listed: LINK - Aventura and LINK - LAND 9
If you want the latest land version for creating MPVF maps, you can find it HERE.

New route blockage!

Some changes have been made!
PLEASE NOTE: The location of the *.bmp and *.bwpt file has changed! Both come in the RADAR folder but only from TwoNav v.4.x.x!
Thanks again to Christian for the changes.

Protective film for the Aventura

Now there is a German provider, which offers a complete screen protector for the Aventura. More in the section "The Aventura"

Still a ghostwriter is wanted
Since I myself do not work much in CGPSL, I am looking for someone who would like to write me texts for the knowledge encyclopedia land. Contact or questions at the Form here.


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