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A few members look at the OSM map, finished MPVF map as overlays or e.g. to generate for fasttrack. These have been available by downloading for TwoNav owners for free.

Due to the huge selection, the maps are now "alphabetically" divided according to the authors and does not represent a rating! The "collapsible" list briefly describes which map the author has created. The respective page of the author is then reachabout this Klick Symbol.

Author: Ray

Here are maps that are meant for the mountainbike faction, since they are maps with MTB-suitable (classified) paths. The author offers on the one hand to different countries. (e.g. France, Italy, etc.) Second is a special Canary OSM hiking and MTB map. This card differs slightly in its execution from the above cards from him.

Downlaod: Klick
Author: Hedgehog

The maps show the nature reserves as an overlay and can thus be placed "over" an existing RMAP. The filling is kept transparent and so the area in the map can still be seen well.
If you do not want to hike through a nature reserve or hide a GeoCach there, you are well advised to use this overlay. - The list is updated continuously.

Download: Klick
Author: Loudini

Here is something for the bikers among us. Many know the problem on the weekends. - Some roads are closed to motorcycle riders. This overlay card in MPVF format shows the blocked routes on the map. A preview shows the places in the map. The original data is constantly updated by "chris1234"! Furthermore, the download has a red traffic light Blitzer & fixed speed camera file to have.

Download: Klick
Author: Papaluna

Here, Garda Lessina's map of Garda-GPS for Twonav is shown and directed to the download. Again, the card is kept up to date. Routing with FASTTRACK in the CompeGPS software on the PC is also possible. - The download is free, but you can make a donation to the "German Multiple Sclerosis Society"!

Download: Klick
Author: Pinin

The author is represented with two map versions. On the one hand with a map of Germany in a very good execution. And with a self-created CLAY file for the "Open Street Maps of CompeGPS".

Download: Klick

An inexpensive alternative is the VMAP maps generated by CompeGPS from OSM maps. These are available for comparatively little money at the Shop from CompeGPS. Routing with these maps is now possible!



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