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Como Garda Grappa-of-Garda-GPS-for-Twonav-CGPSL Version 7 (Author: Papaluna)
This variant of the map, which is now available in version v7, is created for TwoNav devices such as Sportiva, Aventura, Delta or Ultra. It was made by Gert Münzel based on the Garda Lessinia V7 and can be used alone or as an overlay for raster maps. (s.u.) Routing is possible with FASTTRACK in the CompeGPS software on the PC. The card is the summary of the cards

and replaces the adaptation of the Garda Lessina XL.

To the Como Garda Grappa Routing Download!


Changes in the V 7

  • Northern Val di Non.
  • Fleimstal (Cavalese).
Numerous additions and corrections in the existing area; especially in the areas:
  • Alta Rezia, Lake Como.
  • Around the Gardasee.
  • Lessinia.
  • Val di Sole.

More maps for CompeGPS and TwoNav from Lake Garda and Trentino can be found at 4Land Map Collection is known for its trails and outdoor recreation. With high levels of detail, these maps are the perfect tool to enjoy the Italian territory during your outdoor activities.

The cards are of course free; However, I think that they still have a certain value. If you share this view, I would be glad, if you sent a donation to the DMSG (German Multiple Sclerosis Society) (even tax deductible).



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